Spring seems to be the time when the lawn takes care of itself. A lawn that was dormant all during the winter suddenly comes back lush and green. It does not seem to need mowing very often, and if rain is abundant, it may not even need to be watered. However, the heat of summer can make lawn maintenance more difficult. Here are tips to help maintain a healthy summer lawn:

For a Healthy Summer Lawn, Fertilize Every 6-8 Weeks

Fertilizing strengthens the grass and helps it endure summer’s heat and drought. A slow release fertilizer is best when applied in early Spring, and there are different fertilizers depending on whether the lawn is in the north or in the south. Keep feeding the lawn every 6-8 weeks until the fall. Some fertilizers come with additives to control pests and help the lawn retain water.

Don’t Cut It Too Short

Though the grass may be growing quickly by summer, it still should not be mowed more than a third of the height of the grass blade for a healthy summer lawn. Tall blades are better able to send their roots deep into the soil to find water, and they also shade the soil beneath which keeps the ground cool and discourages weeds. Though some homeowners think it’s a little unsightly, it’s best to leave the grass clippings on your lawn after mowing. They provide valuable nutrients that contribute to a healthy summer lawn.

Treat for Grubs

If grubs are a problem when it comes to the lawn, the earlier they are dealt with the better. One natural way is to add beneficial nematodes at about 50,000 per square foot of lawn. Milky spore powder also takes care of grubs, as does 5 percent rotenone solution, pyrethrin, and neem oil.

Eradicate Weeds While They’re Seedlings

As for weeds, it’s best to eradicate them while they’re still young. Some weeds can be treated with an herbicide that doesn’t hurt the grass, while others are so invasive that they need to be pulled up from the roots.

Water Deeply and Early for a Healthy Summer Lawn

During the midsummer, it’s a good idea to check how deeply the water penetrates the lawn after it’s watered. The best time to water the lawn is early in the morning so the soil is able to absorb the water before it evaporates in the hot sun.

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