Septic System Inspections

The septic system is one part of your home that you probably never think about until there is a problem. That problem can ultimately lead to a very expensive repair bill that you never expected and certainly never wanted. This can be avoided with a proper septic inspection.

If you are looking to buy a home with a private septic system it is important that you have the well & septic system inspected. There could be many hidden problems that you won’t know about until they happen. Unlike most things in a house, when something goes wrong with a septic system it’s usually very expensive.

Our team at American Home Inspection Services is InterNACHI certified. We are also certified through the Washtenaw County Public Health Department. What does this mean for you?  As a certified InterNACHI inspector and a Washtenaw County Environmental Health Division certified inspector, we have gone through many hours of training to make sure we know how to properly inspect your septic system. In fact, WCPH Environmental Health Division is known to have one of the best training programs for well and septic systems in Michigan, and most other counties that require well and septic inspections (TOS) before each house is sold, recognize our training and allow us to inspect in their counties without having to go through their training.

All our inspections are done the same rigorous way we do the WCPH TOS program. This includes making sure that the system is properly located away from the house water supplies and property line, the appropriate sizing of the drain field, the integrity of the septic tank and its lids and baffles.

If you are a homeowner and not currently buying or selling a property and you have a septic tank, you too can benefit from a septic inspection. It is very important that you have it inspected, at least every three years, and have it pumped at the same time to help locate and identify any potential problems before they become a major expense.

Also when a house is put on the market it may be required in your county like Washtenaw County that the well and septic be inspected before the house can be sold, this is called Time Of Sale (TOS).

At American Home Inspection Services, we take pride in our knowledge of septic tank inspections and want to ensure you that septic inspections should be performed on an annual basis to ensure their proper function. A septic tank is a very expensive household fixture and if not well maintained, this can be one of the most costly fixtures to repair, some septic systems could be easily 20k, This can be avoided when you have the proper team inspecting your septic tank.

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