When planning to remodel your home, make arrangements for the storage of your furniture and belongings during the process. Renovating your home is rewarding but often messy. Look for easy ways to prepare your belongings to keep them out of the way of workers and prevent damage to them. Storage while remodeling can be simple if you plan ahead.

In-Home Storage While Remodeling

Depending on the size of the remodeling project, you may be able to store your items in your home. Make space in the office or temporarily rearrange the guest bedroom to store furniture. Pack smaller items in plastic totes and store them in various places around the house. Label the plastic boxes clearly so you’ll know where things go after the renovation is complete.

Store Items in the Garage or Basement

If you have the option of parking in the driveway or on the street during the remodel, use your garage for storage. Stack totes of your belongings along the wall. Roll up rugs and stack them out of the way. Keep furniture in the garage where you would normally park your car.

The basement of your home is another option for storage. Clean the area you’ll use for your belongings. If the basement tends to be humid, use a dehumidifier in the space to help protect furniture and other items from mold growth while they’re being stored.

Rent a Storage Container

Some companies rent storage containers that are delivered to your property. A portable storage unit at your home is convenient. Move items on your own schedule and access them whenever you need. Storage containers take up yard or driveway space but could be a better option than off-site storage.

Off-Site Units for Storage While Remodeling

If you have items that you won’t need during your renovation, a storage unit may be the best option. Store your items safely at a storage facility for a monthly fee. Depending on the items going into storage, you may prefer a climate-controlled unit. Facilities that offer on-site security and 24-hour access are a safe and convenient option for storage while remodeling.

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