Are your bathrooms dated and out-of-style? Remodeling the bathrooms in your home increases comfort and improves the house’s value. You don’t need to search for contractors to make improvements to the bathroom. Here are 4 ideas for DIY bathroom remodeling.

Refurbish What You Have for DIY Bathroom Remodeling

Depending on the current state of the bathroom, it might not need to have everything replaced. Some components of the bathroom may be able to be refurbished instead of removed. Cabinets, countertops, tubs, and sinks can all be refinished to look brand new. You’ll save a lot of money on new fixtures and labor costs by refinishing these components.

Simplicity is Key

Some of the best bathroom designs are clean and simple. If there is nothing wrong with the layout of the bathroom currently, keep everything in the same place to make the project easier. If you keep the toilet, sink, vanity, and shower all the same place, you won’t have to worry about laying new plumbing and cutting new holes in walls. When replacing these items, find replacements that are the same dimensions as the previous ones.

Tiling Tricks

Tiling can be a tricky DIY project. If you decide to take it on, stick with tiles that are a uniform shape and size. Tiles that are all one color are also easier to work with instead of trying to stick to a pattern. If you have extra tiles at the end of the project, hang on to them in case you ever need to replace a cracked one.

DIY Bathroom Remodeling With Paint

If you want to change your bathroom but aren’t very experienced in home remodeling, start with painting the room. A new coat of paint will have a big impact while not requiring a lot of time and skill. Be sure to tape around all the fixtures in the bathroom for clean results. After the paint has dried, add a few floating shelves to the walls to hold plants and candles.

Whenever making DIY improvements around the house, use safety precautions and wear protective gear. If you are painting or working with chemicals, open the windows to provide adequate ventilation.

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